Don Green's Dirt Service

  Premier Comprehensive Solutions

Pick up from commercial site please call for address

$25 per scoop-black dirt, class 5 gravel, sand, crushed concrete

$30 per scoop-compost, crushed granite, pea rock

$35 per scoop-river rock 3/4" or 1 1/2", mulch

$45 per scoop-fieldstone/rip rap

$4 sod-per roll 9 sq ft

$75 erosion blanket-8'x150' total 1200 sq ft w/50 staples

prices include tax

scoops are very big, so please ensure trailer is adequate 

any item not seen please let us know we have access too much more.

trees, shrubs, bushes, and perennials you need let us know

we have access to any species or variety.