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screened black dirt-$25 per ton

mulch-red and brown, $55 per yard, $4.25 per bag

natural mulch-$48 per yard, $3.70 per bag

cedar mulch-$55 per yard, $4.25 per bag

cypress mulch (blend)-$55 per yard, $4.25 per bag

sod-$5.00 per roll 13.5 square feet

compost-$30 per yard/mixed with dirt $35 per yard

wood chips-$23 per yard

class 5 gravel-$21 per ton

crushed granite-$27 per ton

crushed concrete-$21 per ton

granite sand-$22 per ton

washed sand-$19 per ton

river rock-$33 per ton

pea rock-$28 per ton

fieldstone/rip rap-$39 per ton

buff limestone-$53 per ton

gray/rose granite-$33 per ton

tan bryan rock-$51 per ton

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